Sickle Cell – Raising Awareness Campaign || Donation Required

I had the pleasure of modelling for @bonitalashes official

A lash company raising awareness and fund for Sickle Cell Gene Therapy.

You can make donations here:

Gene therapy has been used to cure a patient of sickle cell disease and this treatment is a game changer because there’s no need for a donor

Sickle cell is a life-threatening genetic blood disorder where your red blood cells are shaped abnormally which means oxygen can’t be properly transported around your body causing unbearable pain, stroke and can lead to other complications. The average life expectancy is 40-50 years. 



You can check out the YouTube video here: 

Bonita Lashes Manifesto:


The Power Collection consists of cruelty-free, invisible band mink lashes in 4 beautiful styles, each pair of lashes named after the areas of the world that are most affected by sickle cell disease – African, Caribbean, Indian and Mediterranean.

The Power Collection was created to help fundraise for the ground-breaking gene therapy in Paris, that has been proven to cure the disease. Our aim is for as many people to experience a life pain-free from the clutches of sickle cell.

Sickle cell, the world’s most common blood disorders, is a genetic disease that affects people of tropical descent. Those that suffer from sickle cell have red blood cells that are unusually shaped, almost like ‘sickles’ or like crescent moons, due to haemoglobin abnormalities. Sufferers of sickle cell often live a life of pain, regular hospital admissions and in a number of cases – reduced life expectancy.

In March 2017 the breakthrough gene therapy treatment reportedly cured a sickle cell suffer in Paris, who has experienced complete remission. He has since started producing normal red blood cell without any symptoms of the disease.  The unique ability to cure the disease without the need of a donor has the power to change the lives of millions of people, this exciting discovery is what inspired the Pain to Power Campaign which birthed The Power Collection’ that aims to donate funds regularly to the Imagine Institute to support this research. We donate 20% of the proceeds from all sales.

One of the researchers hope that this treatment will be available to other sickle cell suffers in the next 5 years and we hope to do all we can to see that goal become a reality.

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