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It seems so surreal, I started writing in January and I have in total 350 unseen books and 4 self published books on amazon.

I have always been good at procrastinating, starting but never finishing.

Being dyslexic, my biggest fear was, that people would judge me for my grammatical errors. All throughout my life that was my biggest fear. I cared too much about peoples opinion. I never thought I could actually be a writer.

I went deaf, in both of my ears, It was a blessing, not hearing people’s voices helped me to focused tremendously on my books. I learnt to use photoshop and all the illustration in my books were done by me.

Sometimes you got to drown out the noise of others and go after everything you want!

Believe in yourself! Believe in your Abilities and you can achieve everything you want.



Get Your Copies Of My Books, ‘Dear Little Nubian Queen”Dear Nubian Queen’ ‘Dear Nubian King’ & ‘Dear Little Nubian King’


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