4 Steps 2 Positive Change!!!

My Journey 2 My Peace

“When you harbor resentment and bitter feelings, the person who suffers the most is you”.

Decide what is most important:

You are important once this is realized then you can give that positive energy to your Friends, Family and Loved ones. “Compassion for you”

Do good for others.

This action brings me joy!! Sometimes I may be in a bad space but Ive experienced when I do good for someone besides myself it brightens there day as well as mine!

Be kinder to yourself.

Sometimes I have to take a moment close my eyes and just breathe! “Clear your mind and reset”

Forgive the one person who least deserves it.

Forgiving people heals your heart and lets you live again. If you hold the negative in you will experience stress mentally, physically “Let it go”

Be well,


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