12 Weeks Challenge: Do Something That You Wouldn’t Normally Do


Do something you wouldn’t normally do

I was good at sticking to routine and  hated changes. I didn’t cope well with it, and for a while thats how I lived my life. I had to learn that change doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing and neither is trying new things.

Remove Limitiation

You may not see that by having a preconceived notions about something before trying it can limit your growth mentally.

Challenge yourself This Month:


Do  something this week that you wouldn’t normally do.

I am not saying go out and do something drastic Like bungee jumping or sky diving 🙈🙈🙈

Take baby steps and something small, but will still have you feeling liberated ie. learn to swim, horse riding, socialising, learning a new skill, Writing a book, going to see a play, or even saying something nice to someone.

How can you know you don’t like something if you don’t try it? You may not like it, but the point is to test it out. Let your emotions or taste buds decide for you, instead of your preconceived thoughts.

Come Out of your Comfort Zone

I have always wanted to go horse riding but, I was terrified of horses.  So I was always hesitant to try new things,


This week  I conquered my fears of horses and went to a horse stable and I fed Three horses. At first I was a little scared not gonna lie, But You know what, it wasn’t so bad after I got over my fears. I stroke the horse and  had the courage to get on and ride one and you know what I enjoyed it!


You may find that by doing this challenge you had no reason to not like it in the first place.

What I learnt from taking this challenge is that, the only way to ever know if you truly won’t like something is if you’ve tried it

I upload A video  on Youtube of my Journey have a look and Subscribe


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