Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter.


At times people assume that if they put another person’s accomplishment below theirs, it will somehow elevate their own position. 

Most people go to the extreme of sabotaging another persons work without realising that doing this, does not dull the light they had before. 

Sabotaging someone does not take away the fact that the person is talented, gifted or good at what they’re doing.

From experience I have found that the majority of people’s criticism and judgments of what is wrong or bad about another person tends to be reflection of their own personal battles which includes the things they feel the lack.

Think about it, why would you take your time and effort to impose your own belief/opinion on someone with the intent of putting them down.

Just saying putting others down will not increase your self-esteem.

Ps: let our own light shine, rather than seeking to dim another’s light.

Enhance your own happiness and satisfaction in life, by working on growing from within.


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