Top 5 Valentines Day Gift For Your Man On Vday

Ladies!!!!! Ladies!!!!

So year after year, I’ve see so many guys complaining about how they’ve gone all out, for you ladies and all y’all did was give them the same coochie yall gave them year in year out. (Emoji covers face) Ladies yes a little coochie is cool and all, but please don’t let it be the only thing you give him on VDAY.


tun tun nannanaaaaa Mrschinaboo is here to your rescue.

So to help, I have come up with 5 gifts that you can treat your babes with, that will not break the bank. (I repeat will not break the bank)


1 Personalised Jewellery 

Personalised gifts are sentimental, and it adds to the overall gifts. You can write a special note on the back of it to him. If your man is not overly romantic and thinks that romantic message are cheesy, then you can simple get his name on it or his Alias.



2 Cologne 

Most guys love looking and smelling good. If he’s one of those guys, then trust and believe getting him cologne is a good look. Plus ladies LETS BE HONEST we all love when our partner looks and smell good. When you hug them and you get that whiff of their cologne. SHIVERS lool but you get my drift. 🙂

*Coughs* HEhem. Ladies don’t be disHeartened If your man doesn’t smell too good. Look on the bright side, giving him this gift will be the perfect gift to have him smelling how you envision him to smell. 😉


3 Gadgets


Guys Love them some Gadgets. So surprise him with some gadgets that he hasn’t already got. Obviously Ladies this mean doing some snooping. Or make subtle hints


4 Super Car thrill Experience 


If your man loves fast cars, then he’ll love this as a gift. The Trill and the overall experience.


5 My Ultimate Favourite 

Providing that he isn’t scared of height, this would be an ideal gift for him.

You can book a day for your man at
































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